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Football Camps

Sutter Camp June 24th-26th
Humbolt Camp July 8th-10th
Youth Camp July16th-17th (Yuba College)
Velocity Football Camp
Speed - Precision - Execution - Detail
"Slow Feet Don't Eat"

Welcome to the amazing world of Fit 1 Velocity Football Camps, where we pride ourselves in the development of our future grid iron stars!  Our camps stress the fundamental techniques needed to play football at the highest level.  All of our instructors are highly qualified high school and college coaches that are experts in their perspective fields. We will teach fundamental and advanced skills vital to the athlete, as well as nature all athletes to reach their fullest potential.  Our staff will ensure that all players are provided with a high ENERGY, FAST-paced, FUN program in an environment that provides competition in the safest setting possible.

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL??  Give us a call today!!

Remember: there is no substitute for Speed...Speed Kills...Speed WINS!!

Ryan Reynolds
Camp Director
Fit 1 Velocity Camps
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